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Safety Practice at the beach cottage

To help ease your mind about safety from viruses and other germs while staying in one of our sea lodge units. First of all, each unit has a separate air/heat system so there is no sharing or re-circulation of bad air.  The Aruba, Barbados and Dominica units have their own separate central air/heat system. The Cancun unit has a window system so hot air in the inside is sucked out and replaced with cool air.

After the guests from each unit check out in the morning and before our cleaner enters, we open all doors and windows and spray the entire unit including the air vents with EPA approved 99.9% germ killing products such as Lysol and let it sit for a while.  The cleaner then stripped off all bed linens and towels for hot wash and replaced them with fresh ones.  They deep clean the units with germ killing products and wipe down all surfaces.  Sofas are sprayed with germ killing products as well.  This cleaning procedure is normally completed several hours or a day before the next guests check in.

In addition, we provide hand sanitizer and germ killing products in the unit for guests to use to prevent the spread of viruses.  When you are on Anna Maria Island, Holmes Beach, the local government mandates the use of masks in public places and businesses where social distancing is not possible.  Masks are not mandatory for children under 6 years old or for persons with certain health conditions and disabilities.

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